Double Tap

Ben is not the only one who gets a birthday shootout! A few months ago our local shooting range had a groupon which was a great deal – it even included a gun rental. We’ve been going there for years, but we can’t go as often as we’d like because it’s so expensive. So, obviously, […]

“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.”

Late update on our Labor Day Weekend when we went down to see Ben’s family and FINALLY met the twins (who turned two months old that weekend.) And, Miss Chloe had turned 1 since the last time we saw her. Here’s Ben and his brothers playing legos with Chloe. Outside they had a pretty sweet […]

Wishing you a Happy Easter

full of doing things a wee bit differently

and just going with it

The beautiful Cicely gave me a new crockpot last week and I’ve been cooking up a storm. However, today is the first day I’ve double-potted it. In the big one I have a ham cooking, and in the new […]


I told Ben that if our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple wasn’t impressive that I would never be able to recommend him to possible future sister-wives.

Two dozen Tulips (my favorite flowers) – he passes.

Meanwhile, I got him a pair of steel-toed boots:

I figure if I’m going […]

Spice up your Valentine

We went to the shooting range to test out Ben’s newly fixed gun. (I love Masterpiece Arms who fixed Ben’s gun for free. I’m contemplating sending them a Valentine’s Day card.) While there I saw a poster for the range’s Valentine’s Day Special:

Nothing says love and commitment like a romantic shooting session!

Welp, […]

“If suffering brings wisdom, I would wish to be less wise.” — Yeats

For my wedding, I decided to have a wish tree (also called a sentiment tree) along with my guest book. There were cards that people could write their wishes, thoughts, or even draw a picture on. Then, they were to hang them on the tree.

Some people wrote their thoughts in another language:


My New Year’s Eve in pictures

We went out to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant. The owner, Andy, gave us Soba noodles – a traditional Japanese dish to eat on New Years. The noodles symbolize longevity.

Ben’s co-worker gave him a Sky lantern which we lit. I’ve never seen one before and I loved it. It was quite […]

“I re-invented my image so many times that I`m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman.”– Bowie

Ben has threatened to post pictures of Natash Lyonne on this blog until I start updating it again. Fine.

Two can play at that game. I will post a different picture of David Bowie on his computer’s desktop until he caves until dressing like one of the dream Bowies from Flight of the […]

“I feel like someone is water boarding my heart.”

I told Ben that I found the card he should get me for Valentine’s Day (via Mighty Goods): His response? “It’s wholly inappropriate to lie on a Valentine’s Day Card.” I will never get an appropriate apology for the Morrissey concert where Ben called Moz, “Wet Nips.” Of course, Ben is probably waiting for his […]

“I need something to give me hope: Like an automatic weapon or an eight ball of coke “

Ben’s brother sent this song to Ben touting its obnoxiousness. He spent his Christmas break harassing his wife for days with nonsensical lyrics set to this song: “I can cover food with no cellophane, no …” Thus, when we spent New Years at their house we had to continue harassing his (very lovely) wife […]