“I rock tanks every day. My gym is like Tiananmen Square. I’m always bringing the tanks.”

I have officially ordered my first fitness themed top:
Dead Lifts Tank in black

Until last month, I had not been regularly doing dead lifts. I have now seen the light. I’m still slowly adding weight. Today, I dead lifted my body weight (for the first time!) PLUS 25 pounds for 5 reps. I was so excited! If my legs could have moved, I would have danced. Since I couldn’t dance, I got this shirt instead.

I don’t ever wear tank tops, but working out is a bit different. As Bro Science says, wearing a tank top on shoulder day may be my only chance to look diesel. He also says:

“What you wear to the gym is just as important as what you lift at the gym. If not more important, which it is. Albert Einstein said it best, ‘When you look big, you get big.’ Simple math.”

I mean I’m scaring people there any way – no matter what I wear.

I ordered the shirt from the Ripped Goddesses site which consistently cracks me up. Today, they posted this picture with the caption

“I prefer the terms Diesel, Power House and Brang the Thunder.”

bodytypesI’m a Diesel on top but muh bottom half really brings the thunder.

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