“Chiropractors are like Orthodontists. Nothing is broke, but they want to fix it.” –Wendi

1. The Savage race was back in Georgia last weekend:
When I ran it in October, this slide was the most fun part of the entire race. And the Colossus (the back part of the slide) was the least fun part.
While it was good that we did not sign up for it this past weekend (I still can’t run and Ben is really sick), I still felt a pang of jealousy toward those who could.


2. However, my envy has been assuaged since I *just* registered for one at the end of this September. I am THIS excited:

(Note: I never have enough energy for something like this at the end of a race. Otherwise, I might be in trouble of Ben disowning me.)

3. I have five months to train, and my main goal is to be able to do pullups by race day.  I don’t know exactly how realistic my goal is, but I don’t think it’s too far fetched.

I will destroy that Sawtooth! Or at least get past the first bar before falling pathetically into the water – hahahasigh.

Also, I’m hoping my speed and endurance will be significantly better than last year. In fact, that is what I’m most excited about –  being able to compare a year’s progress by running the same event. I think the difference should be pretty drastic, and I can’t wait to see how much better my performance is after a year of hard work.

4. I  FINALLY went to the doctor about my injury. And it is as I thought – just a strained muscle. (I would like my doctorate, please.) I started seeing a local sports chiropractor, and that has been incredibly helpful. According to her, my hip alignment was off. Whether that was caused by the strained adductor muscle or caused it, she can’t say (although she’s guessing that was the cause, rather than a side effect.)

I’ve been to her three times, and the results have been AMAZING. The biggest thing is that I can now squat. After almost two years at the gym, reading countless articles and trying every “improve your squat” exercise known to man, I can now actually get down past parallel. That was physically impossible for me before so I’m kind of amazed at myself now.

I might be the only person on the face of the planet to get giddy about doing “ass to the grass” squats, but I am. My legs & glutes are my lagging body parts so I’m aiming to throw myself full force into training them twice a week now that I can do it properly.

5. This was the first time I’ve been to a chiropractor, and I have to say that I was in no way prepared for it.  Those sessions need to come with a warning label, especially for those of us who aren’t comfortable with being touched. I realize I have a groin injury so treatment of it is going to be a bit intense, but I have never been man handled so much in my life.

Normally, I don’t have a preference over the gender of my doctor. However, I’m glad my chiropractor is a lady or I might have had to walk out midway through the first session. Although, I do feel as if I should have bought her dinner – or at the very least a drink – first.


Dios mío, man!


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  • Cicely

    So glad you found a great sports chiropractor! That’s going to make a world of difference. Hopefully your insurance covers a good portion of it. I use mine primary for massage therapy. Insurance covers half, so I get a really great hour long massage for $30.