“I have never taken the high road. But I tell other people to, ’cause then there’s more room for me on the low road.”

1. Tuesday was our 10th anniversary of when Ben and I started dating. To celebrate we went to see Aziz Ansari, which I have been wanting to do for years. I was definitely not disappointed. He is fantastically funny, and it was the best comedy show I’ve been to.


2. Saturday was my grandmother’s 91st birthday – woo!


With My Grandmother
Christmas Day 2013

Unfortunately, last weekend she suffered a heart attack – boo! However, when we went to see her in the hospital she looked great. She didn’t look great for having had a heart attack. She just looked great period. Before going in the room, I had emotionally braced myself to see her not doing well. However, she was sitting up and animated in conversation.


Happy 91st Birthday, Grandmother!

When asked what my Grandmother wanted to do for this birthday (for her 90th we had a huge incredibly fun party for her), she said she just wanted us to send her cards. Um, okay. So this is what I spent my Friday night doing:


Hubba Bubba, it’s Grandmother’s Birthday!
Oh, how we wish we had hit a Payday so we could celebrate with a trip to New York to shop on 5th Avenue and go to the Symphony or leave the Orbit completely to the ends of the Milk Way! Alas! Instead we wish you Mounds of fun on your Whopper of a birthday! Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought us.
Your Airheads
Laura, Tobi, Butterfinger Ben, Kit-Katy, & Flannery

3. While visiting her today, she touched my hair, sighed, and said, “My little look-a-like.” I know I’ve posted this before, but this is a picture of my grandmother (when she was 20) with my grandfather, my dad, and my Aunt:

I knew we looked alike in the face, but it wasn’t until this week that I noticed that I also have her hands. They are eerily similar. When I pointed it out to Ben, he gave me a hard time. However, since my mom and two sisters were in the room at the time he did concede that only my Grandmother and I have the same hands. Little as it is, I thought it was neat.

4.  The third anniversary this week was on the 13th which marked five years since my dad passed away. My sister, Leslie, said something great on her Facebook and I hope she doesn’t mind me quoting her on here:

The sweetest thing I’ve heard in a very long time was hearing my almost 91 year old Grandmother last night telling us all that, besides her husband, her son was the only other man she’s ever loved. And she will never love another man like she loved her husband. No matter how long he’s been gone, she still loves him just as much as she ever did. Two great men. One awesome wife and mother. And the very best Grandmother I could ever hope for.”

5. Non-Sentimental Quote of the week (from Ben):
“I’m not a stop on the Underground Railroad for assholes between here and Georgia.”


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