“Shamelessness is a wonderful part of the character.” – Colbert

1. This is a picture of two girls doing box jumps:

box-jump(Why they are doing this in an area that looks like a seedy back lot, I do not know. I do know there is a joke in there about “getting jumped in an alley.” However, I’m still nursing a headache from trying to find a picture on google image finder of box jumps which didn’t involve crossfit.*)

2. This is a picture of the bottom of the shoes I’ve been wearing to the gym:


3. Not pictured:

My Face.

4. Not pictured:

Ben’s face when I told him that it was a medical emergency that I buy a new pair of shoes for the gym (even though I just shelled out a pretty penny for the ones I just got.)

5. Lies I Tell Myself



(*An impossible task.)


2 comments to “Shamelessness is a wonderful part of the character.” – Colbert

  • Reb

    Are those miniature springs on the bottom of those shoes? Are they specifically made for box jumping? Is box jumping some new craze? Are you going for height or reps? Seems difficult. Oh, and I’m sad I wasn’t invited to Miss Flannery’s birthday festivities. 😉 Tell her happy belated birthday for me.

    • 1. Those are my new running shoes: ON Cloudsurfers. The tread on the bottom are “clouds” which are “hollow pods that collapse on impact to absorb your landing and then lock to allow a solid, barefoot-like push-off.” They basically help cushion your foot when it needs it (landing) but not when you don’t need it (pushing off.) They also eliminate the dreaded heel striking.

      However, they make terrible gym shoes and are definitely NOT made for box jumping (because the “clouds” catch on the edge of the box and MAY OR MAY NOT make you trip and fall on your face.)

      2. I would never do box jumping on my own accord. However, I still cannot run and I’m afraid of losing my endurance while recovering from my injury. So I will desperately go along with whatever craziness my trainer throws at me which is currently circuit training. Part of this circuit had me doing burpees. However, instead of jumping up at the end of the burpee I did a box jump. It all amounts to me flailing around wildly in the gym trying not to kill myself. I need to start wearing shorts and knee high socks so I at least look sporty when I die.

      3. You always have an open invite! Flannery is the human equivalent of 98. We can tell her it’s her birthday any time and she won’t remember we’re wrong. (Tobi might catch on but his silence can be bought with pepperoni.)