Spinx Run Fest Review

A lot of the half marathon preparation plans suggest running a 10k sometime during your training so you have an idea of what to expect on race day. Thus, I decided to run the Spinx Run Festival’s inaugural 10k as my inaugural race. It’s a very picturesque course through downtown, including Main Street and two different parks. You complete the race by doing a lap around the inside track at Greenville Drive stadium and crossing the finish line behind home plate to a roaring crowd as “Eye of the Tiger” plays over the loudspeaker. (The last two things are not explicitly stated in the promotional materials but I think it’s safe to say that they are IMPLIED.)

This took place in late October on a Saturday morning. (There was also a marathon and a half marathon that same morning and the starts were staggered about 15 minutes apart. Much of the 10k course was the same route as the half marathon course.) I haven’t run enough yet to hit “the wall” but I thought that day might be the day it would happen. With it being 32 degrees out, I was worried I might discover that mine was within a foot of the starting line.

10k start 2

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who came with me and so I was able to remain cozy in my jacket and pullover until seconds before we started. Then, I handed my coat to him and by a mile into the race I was longing to feel cold again. Right after we started, there was a Lil’ Pumpkin kids run which Ben said was hilarious to watch.

10k kids

The 10k course was really fun to run, with the exception of a brutal hill near Cleveland Park. I have not incorporated a lot of hill training into my runs, and that just knocked the life out of me. I didn’t stop running going up it, but at times it felt as if I might not always actually be moving myself forward. After this bit, we wound through another park and I was rounding a curve when I heard it. IT! The first few beats of “Eye of the Tiger.” There were two girls standing blasting “Eye of the Tiger” on a stereo at their feet. It was the most awesome thing ever! Even if it didn’t happen as I was crossing the finish line, it did certain propel me for the last stretch of the race – including another blasted hill.


And here I am about to cross the finish line behind home plate at Fluor Stadium. Ben captured this one, and it may be my favorite picture of me – especially since you can’t tell there is a 80 year old woman wearing some kind of afghan shawl who is hot on my heels. And in case you’re doubting the veracity of that statement, here is proof of it from one of the official race pictures:

See her there in the background? I guess it was probably a jacket she had tied around her race but it looked like a blanket. Either way, that Golden Girl gave me a run for my money.


At least I got my medal! (Which oddly enough is the exact same medal that those who ran the half marathon and the marathon received as well.)

10k 017 half

I also realized that running a race is 100000x better than a long run by myself. I don’t have to plan the course! Someone else takes care of supplying with me water! I can’t reroute halfway through to take the lazy way out just because I hate the hills on the course! And as you can tell almost all these pluses are because they promote me to be lazy (except the last one. It keeps me honest.)

I still hate running, but I actually had fun FOR ONCE during this race. I’m very happy that Spinx’s Run Fest decided to have a 10k this year, and I hope they continue to do so. (Because I would like to run this next year and there is no way I want to conquer that hill during a half marathon.)

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