Nobody makes me bleed my own blood – nobody!

THIS is actually a real thing that is going on at the college nearby. I want to win a trophy, but I REALLY want that tank top. And the chance to nail some of the local college kids in the head. I have 8 years of pent up anger over the ridiculous behavior of my neighbors that I would like to unleash in a fury of sweat and balls.

2. Although one of my current neighbors has named their wireless network “Winter(net) is Coming!” I would spare them from my rage. Maybe.

3.  The official race video for last Saturday is up and I’m in it! For all of two seconds! (Seconds 49 & 50 you can see me coming over the 8 foot wall with 2 other ladies. I’m the one in the back in the purple.) This was the second obstacle after the ice bath so I was still drenched but starting to warm up.

4. Speaking of the Savage, how long does it take to recover from such foolishness? I ran 3 miles on Wednesday, did what I thought was a regular workout on Thursday, and then worked out today. However, on Friday my legs felt as if I did a HEAVY leg day the day before when I really wasn’t working them at all. I had trouble sitting and standing.

On Friday afternoon, I went to pick up some packages from my apartment’s office. The guy set the two boxes on the floor while checking to make sure there wasn’t a third. When there wasn’t he indicated I could get the two he had put on the floor. I just stared at them, and finally he picked them up for me.  This is what the Savage has done to me. A week ago I could run 7 miles without a problem. Today, I can’t bend over and touch my toes.

5. Although, I’m a glutton for punishment as I have signed up for my first half marathon that is in two months. Before then, I need to make a shirt along these lines for myself:

943624_473159092780523_334317841_nWell, that and actually work up to running 13 miles. Eeep!

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