“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” –CS Lewis

And sometimes, Mr. Lewis, you fall and bust your butt. Which is why you should never let go of the past — it might be the only thing holding you up.

Or maybe I’m just not the kind of person meant for analogies.

I survived my entire childhood without any spills on the monkey bars. Mostly, because I wouldn’t have touched them except under threat of bodily harm since I knew that is how it was going to end anyway. To say I wasn’t an athletic child would be an understatement. There is no way I would have not broken a wrist. Even as a 7 year old, I was smart enough to know that. But let us not quibble over my luck as a youth. My point is that I can no longer claim the same spotless record for my thirties.

In a month I will be attempting this, along with some other obstacles and a quick 6 mile jog:

Don’t ask me why. It’s a combination of peer pressure (Ben is doing it) and principle. (I have to go with him and I would have to PAY to be a spectator which is the lamest thing I can imagine so why not pay to do the actual thing?)

In my preparation, in addition to googling to see if anyone has ever died doing this*, I’ve been playing around with the monkey bars at my gym. I haven’t had much luck because my hands slip instantly. However, this weekend I found a pair of gloves that are incredibly grippy and I just knew I would be able to glide across the bars like a veritable … I don’t know. Monkey? Bar Ballerina? 8 year old?

Either way, it actually helped tremendously. I was able to do much better than I ever have in the past. However, in mid-swing my hand slipped part way out of the glove. This was on the hand that was supporting myself so down I fell. I’ve fallen plenty of times, but I always knew it was coming. Not only did I not know it was coming but I fell horizontally with no hope of landing on my feet. I came down on my right side – with my hip taking the brunt of the fall and it hurt. The bars are pretty high at our gym and the floor is in no way soft. Afterward, I ran a mile. I was suppose to run 5, but my body was threatening to call DSS on me so I ended up throwing in the towel and spending the rest of the afternoon floating in the pool.

*Why, yes, someone has died while doing an obstacle course race. Please don’t tell my mom that.

4 comments to “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” –CS Lewis

  • Leslie

    I can’t believe you’re still planning on doing this thing. Obstacle. Death trap. OH, and I LOVED the monkey bars when I was little! Just saying…:)

    • Listen, I don’t need your judgment. I just need for you to take a shift once I break both legs and am house bound for a month. C’mon – you know I’ll let you wheel around in my electric scooter when I’m not using it.

  • lilcis

    Well at least this post lets me know you’re still alive! I was wondering….

    I’m not doing anything nearly as exciting, but I did sign up for a 10K in January, and then promptly stopped doing my daily jog. So yeah, I should be well prepared!

    Good luck, lady!