“I’m the opposite of Winston Churchill. Always, always, always give up.” — K-Lo

1. Well, I didn’t win the lottery this week. Of course, this isn’t surprising considering my luck AND the fact that I didn’t play it. But still – it’s disappointing nonetheless.

2. We’re still anxiously waiting for the results of Ben’s DNA results from ancestry.com It doesn’t help the waiting to read articles like this:

When we set out looking to uncover the history of our families, most are excited and motivated by the thought of finding connections to war heroes, presidents, the Mayflower or even royalty. However, what we don’t consider is the fact we may unearth skeletons our family has been trying to keep hidden for generations.

This man IS from New Hampshire like Ben’s family. Sooooooo…

Well, at least we already know that Ben is descended from someone who came over on the Mayflower so at least he can hang his on that. Although, a MURDER CASTLE is a whole another thing to talk about at parties.

3. Some of Ben’s dating advice to two friends:
“You need to break him in with a blitzkrieg. Soften the borders for a ground invasion.
Code name : France
By the way, you guys are the Nazis in this scenario.”

4. My sister gave me this homemade purse for my birthday. I LOVE it!

5. Earlier this week I was in a rush and didn’t have any time to put on makeup. (I don’t wear any on an everyday basis but I do wear occasionally when going out.) My first thought was, “Well, that’s okay. So and So is going to have enough on for both of us.”

That’s right. Just the beginning of the Christmas season and I’m already getting mean. It’s going to be a rough one this year.

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  • Have you read The Devil in the White City? It’s a history of the Chicago World’s Fair and HH Holmes’ murderous ways. I’m really intrigued by the Jack the Ripper connection.

    And now I seem especially macabre…