“I’m so angry I’m going to make a list of insults from the internet and use every one of them THRICE!”

1. I showed a friend how to do Turkish Get Ups and she said I looked like a corpse being reanimated.

You have your strategy for the Zombie Apocalypse. I have mine.

2. Our upstairs neighbors continue to be rambunctious. The other night we were wakened in the middle of the night to a THUD and yelling. The shouting was so loud that we could make out the words – which were along the lines of, “Come at me, bro! I will TAKE YOU DOWN!!”

I asked Ben if we should call the police since it sounded pretty violent. He replied, “No, maybe one of them will kill the other.” I was half asleep so at the time that seemed perfectly reasonable to me so I went back to bed.

3. A few days after that, Ben was standing on our deck when he felt something liquid being poured on him. As soon as it hit him, he started yelling, “What was that?” The person above us didn’t answer and I looked out to see this:

He peeked up and didn’t see anyone. (They had run back inside.) So he started climbing up on their deck when finally a girl came out from hiding behind the kitchen counter. She started explaining that she had gone out to look at a container on the deck and didn’t realize it had water in it. When she touched it to look inside it, liquid poured out and down onto Ben. He was ok with that since it wasn’t a malicious pouring and crawled back down to our deck. (There’s two boys who live in the apartment above, and their noisy jerks. Ben thought it was one of them who was doing the pouring.)

4. Conversation of the week:
Ben’s Friend: Unless the issue involves skinny jeans on men. Then, well, the only solution is a singing/dancing fight sequence.
Ben: My brother wears skinny jeans…
Me: In your brother’s defense, he has the legs for it.
Ben’s Friend: .’.which he keeps in a hope chest at the foot of his bed’, is how that sentence should end.

5. This was the first year that I hosted our family’s dinner at my apartment. I had a LOT of help as I didn’t have enough dishes, chairs, or anything else to host 11 people. Thankfully, my mom is a tireless work horse who helped me out immensely. Doing all of the cooking and hosting is still too intimidating for me but it was great to see everyone again!

My cool aunt, who lives in California, was there. She’s retired now and now has her own plane. She was talking about how she’s logged over 1,000 flying hours. When Ben and my nephew figured out that was over 40 days, my nephew said: “That’s nothing! I have over 200 days playing World of Warcraft.” My multi-talented family has so much to be thankful for this year.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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