“Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often.”– Johnny Carson

Sorry that this Friday Five is being posted on Sunday. Blame Ben for poisoning me on Friday evening. He was making himself a protein shake and I asked him if he would double it so I could have one too. I was ridiculously excited but my favorite food is anything which isn’t made by me.

So, I guess instead of washing the blender out like a normal person Ben cleans it with rubbing alcohol. Some got trapped in the lid without him realizing it, and so we ended up drinking rubbing alcohol protein shakes. It seems as if my body has a stronger sense of survival. I immediately started vomiting whereas his body saw it as a challenge and ACCEPTED it. I’m not saying one is better than the other. But I MIGHT when I live to be 100 and Ben doesn’t.

1. So I have now started doing Turkish Get-Ups. (It wasn’t my idea to start doing them.) If you’re like me and have never heard of this before, here’s a video of a girl doing one with a ridiculous amount of weight:

From bodybuilding.com:
“In a time before not only the internet, but before wide availability of texts on fitness, young men who wanted to become wrestlers or strongmen had to go down to the local gymnasium in order to learn from the old timers. These were hard men with lines in their faces and hands like leather. Instead of large, breast like pecs they had broad shoulders and backs forged of steel. Often they would teach the young man the Turkish Get-Up and tell him not to come back until he was able to do it with 100 lbs. At that point they would teach him some new exercises.”

Unfortunately, I don’t think the new exercise I’m going to be taught is how to sucker punch the person who is making me Turkish Get-Ups. (I don’t mind doing them, but I hate using kettlebells. HATE THEM.)


This sign that reads “Do it even when it doesn’t feel right” was on a bulletin board right outside of the room where I voted last week. Of course, I could not stop laughing (hard) about it. I hope I’m the only one in the US who entered the voting booth in tears, but I’m guessing I wasn’t.

I ended up behind this truck on my way to work. I wonder if they had to put on all the hiking stickers because people kept thinking they were following the Happy Hooker?

4. I really want these:

5. Last Sunday, we went to the Greenville zoo with my sister and her family. The draw of the day was the baby giraffe, Kiko, who was just born a few weeks ago. Both mama and baby were pretty adorable.

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