“I heard there was a big campaign for new guy, saw Kony 2012 signs EVERYWHERE, so I just wrote him in. Seems like he’s good with kids and stuff.”–Ben

1. We watched a movie (for the second time) where this was one of the monsters/bad guys:

The first time I saw this I  was in the theater, and I went straight home to research the character. (He’s only in the movie for a minute.) This time we watched it at home, with the same friend who saw it with us in the theater, and I was talking about he is the epitome of creepy-hot. Evidently, this is not a common opinion. Whatever. I want Ben to do this costume for Halloween sometime.

2. In last week’s post, I mentioned FINALLY going to a decent haunted house. I was remiss in that I didn’t tell share some of the details. First, at this haunted house you didn’t wait in line. They give you buzzers like they hand out at restaurants and you can wait around a bonfire until your buzzer lights up. I love a good campfire. While sitting out there some of the characters would come up and scare the people waiting. It was nice that they always stay in character too.

When it was our turn to go we were grouped with three girls who were 17/18. One of them was already so scared that she had started crying while spooked out at the bonfire. (We were also with another couple who we had come with so there was a total of 7 in our group.) They gathered us together and gave us the breakdown of the rules. Ben kept asking, “What do we do if we want to leave?!” The lady told him she would get to that at the end of the rules. So one of the guidelines was that you couldn’t curse AT the monsters/staff of the haunted house. (You could curse in general if you were skerred but you couldn’t cuss out the staff.) Ben exclaimed, “So that’s how we get to leave early!” He received the stink eye from the lady. After she finished with all the rules she eyed Ben and said, “This is for you!”

Lady: If you want to leave early and to stop the tour, tell a monster.

Ben: But they’re who I want to escape from! Why would I ask them for help?

Lady: Well, you could also ask one of their victims.

Ben: *muttering* Sure, I’ll ask a bloody half-corpse since they did such a good job of escaping themselves.

When, we were ready to start the 3 teenage girls all huddled together and grabbed each other tightly. Ben asked, “So are we all going to hold hands?!”

Then, we get started down the trail. At some point, Ben ended up in the lead and I was in the very back which turned out to be the most hilarious way to have things. First there was a black out maze with no light whatsoever. Since Ben was first he immediately ducked down and ran through the maze leaving everyone else. Then he crouched down really low and waited at the end. This left the girls to go next and they were so frightened they refused to move. They kept saying, “Where did he go? What happened to the guy?!” Meanwhile, I let one of the monster guys in front of me into our little group so that when one of the girls thought she was holding on tight to one of her friends, she was really holding tight to leatherface. Who knew torturing others could be so fun?

Besides Leatherface.

The next little section of the trail weaved around until you got to a scene which featured the freaky girl from the movie The Ring. Again, Ben was in the lead with the girls fast behind him. This time, they learned and were not going to lose him so one had a white-knuckle grip on his jacket. This didn’t turn out to be to her benefit though because Ben just kept circling around the freaky Ring girl getting the others as close to her as possible. They were too terrified to realize they should let go of Ben and just kept screaming as they got closer and closer to what was scaring them.

Maybe this haunted house wouldn’t have been so fun if we had been in a different group. Although, all the staff stuck to their characters and it was a lot better executed than the first one we went to.

3. Tuesday was my first time voting in a presidential election in South Carolina. I’m kind of sad because no matter how I vote SC is always going the same way. I want to be in a swing state! I want the anticipation and titillation that only being a swinger can provide!

Other things which were weird about voting here:
1. There was a man campaigning right outside the door which I know isn’t legal.
2. There was a 12 year old working the polls. (And while that’s not unusual it’s usually a pole their working.)
4. All liquor stores in the state are closed on election day.

4. The new classes I tried at the gym this week were Spin and Pilates. I’ve never done Pilates so I didn’t know it was standard to do it bare foot. Yeah, that’s not going to become a regular workout for me.

5. Someone try this out and let me know how it works:

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