“Put a razor blade in a Snickers. I’ll eat around it.’ — every kid who ever got a box of raisins while trick or treating.” — Patton Oswalt

1. Last Friday, we went to a local haunted house, Nightmare on Pendleton, with friends. Well, with friends, one of their teenage sons, and two of his male friends. Before we met up with them, they had stopped by Hot Topic. Instead of coming out all gothed up, they came out wearing cat hats. I don’t usually make it a habit to be seen in public with men wearing animal hats but I’ve decided to take more risks in life.

The haunted house was LAME. The scariest part was the fear of falling down the steep irregular steps since it was in a really old house. Since it was such a disappointment, we decided to head over to the creepy cemetery by our house. There are fallen down tombstones, dug up graves, and an eery childrens’ cemetery. We let them stumble around in the dark and I kept waiting to hear someone scream as they discovered the dug up grave.  Here’s a picture of it taken earlier this summer:

When the screams never came, I went to investigate. Evidently, within the past month, it’s been filled in with a fake plastic plant. That and the pair of underwear thrown in the tree branches as you walk into the cemetery really nail the ambiance. So, it was fun but it would have been more fun if the only thing sticking out of this open grave was a teenage boy screaming like an 8 year old girl while wearing a cat hat?

2. This Friday, we went to Madworld Haunted Attraction and it was a lot better executed. This time we went with two friends and then there were 3 more teenage girls in our group. That was much more entertaining, but still not frightening. The scariest part of this one for me was using the port-a-potty.

3. We’re slowly settling into our new office. I sent a list to the contractor of issues that still need to be addressed. One of the items was a few fluorescent lights which have been flickering. The contractor replied with, “[Your boss] said that studies have shown that employees that have flicker florescent lights work harder and for longer hours sometimes even request a reduction in pay.”

Hahaha, no.

4. I safety tested the railing at the bookstore this week. Yup, if anyone stumbles and is about to take a head first fall down the stairs the rail will support them enough to keep them from tumbling down to their death – or a broken wrist. Next time, I think I will hire out this task.

5. This week I tried a couple of new classes at the gym. It was my first experience with Zumba – which I didn’t realize was a cult. The other was more like Zumba-light. There is nothing like squats to ruin a song for you. Before this one they say, “It’s time to work out your backseat!”

I’m just glad I’ve never heard any front seat songs.

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