Double Tap

Ben is not the only one who gets a birthday shootout! A few months ago our local shooting range had a groupon which was a great deal – it even included a gun rental. We’ve been going there for years, but we can’t go as often as we’d like because it’s so expensive. So, obviously, I snapped the groupon up and we ended up having a great time.

Ben let me choose what gun we would use for the free gun rental. This little .22 revolver was so much fun. This was my first time EVER shooting a revolver. I don’t know why – I guess because Ben doesn’t own any since he doesn’t like them. However, I LOVE revolvers! They are so much easier for me to load!

What are zombies in multiples called? A pack? A swarm? A stagger? A stench? A murder? A horde? Whatever it is – that’s is obviously what was on the range.

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