Ben’s birthday shootout

So for Ben’s birthday we went shooting with friends out at a farm in Fountain Inn. It was lovely.

Evidently, they do events there. (They had a picturesque gazebo and large building for gatherings elsewhere on the property.) To think – we could have gotten married there and gone shooting for the reception. Alas!

Here’s Ben waiting while everything was set up. Bales of hay were brought out and then the target was placed in front of it.

This was the first time he’s been able to shoot his Mac since it’s come back from repairs. No jams – yay!
Note: That’s not a suppressor on his gun. It’s just a barrel extender. It does make the mac look quite fierce though.

The blonde fellow there brought a new tactical shotgun he just bought.

So, of course, that meant there would be skeet shooting.

And…that’s a picture of my boss shooting there. He’s an incredibly good shot. As in – I think I better become a much harder worker – good shot. Yeep!

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