My affair with “Cooking for Isaiah: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes For Easy Delicious Meals” was over before I finished typing out the title. They just weren’t appealing to Ben (too many tomato based recipes and he can’t have tomatoes), or appealing to me to fix for Ben (too time consuming. Ben only eats one meal a day at night so I need to be able to have it ready as close to when he gets home from work as possible. Andddd he usually gets home from work before I do.)

However, I have found a new hotter cookbook that floats my gravy boat.

Plus, the author has a website as well that is equally as great. So far, I’ve made her broccoli & beef, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, barbecued ribs, A-1 steak, and lemon chicken. Ben has loved them all and I had fun making it all. Win-win!

So far, the lemon chicken is my favorite (pictured above.) Plus, we ate it in the new bowls Ben’s mother got me for Christmas. They are perfect for this dish! The author breads the chicken with Pamela’s Baking Flour but that has dairy in it so I use corn-starch instead which works really well.  Ben added soy sauce to his and I added red pepper to mine — and we were both happy.

The only problem I have is that my slow cooker is way too large for any of these recipes and I’m gone far too long for them to work. I’m saving up for a new slow cooker that has a timer so that it will switch to the warm setting after cooking it for the set amount of time. Until then, it will be slow cooker meals on the weekends (except for ribs which take 8-1o hours to cook. I’m planning to make pulled pork tomorrow for supper because it has such a long cook time.)


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  • Crock Pot 365 is one of my favorite sites! It is a constant go-to when I have a random assortment of ingredients and don’t want to put too much work into make a meal out of them.