“I cured the lame. Well, they didn’t start walking but they certainly did crawl faster.”

Ben and I rarely go out to eat, but when we do we always go to the same place. It’s our favorite restaurant, a family owned sushi bar, and is right down the street from the bookstore. I don’t even like fish and there’s no way I would eat raw fish but with its cooked rolls this place is the best. They have one with fried chicken and bbq sauce named the choleste-roll. You can’t get better than that.

And last night I ate there for the last time since they are closing.

They always have a costume night the night before the super bowl. This year just the staff was dressed up, but I was very delighted to be served by Galinda from Wicked.

And when I was asked if it would offend me if they sat down at our table I said, “Yes! I will never come here again!” Then, I laughed. Then, I wanted to cry.

This is where we always brought family when they came to visit us from out of town. We brought Ben’s brother here for his 21st birthday and that’s where he ordered his first alcoholic drink…. and then proceeded to try to crush the over sized beer can.

While his other brother sipped green tea through a straw from a sake cup:

See, what kind of shenanigans they put up with! And even encouraged with their costume parties:

We all know that the economy isn’t great. Thus, it’s more important than ever to be careful where your money goes. Sometimes it’s so easy to become focused on what is best for your own budget that you overlook what’s best for your community as a whole (and, thus, you too.) Sometimes it’s worth the extra dollar to buy something locally than to go on-line or to a chain store in the next city over.

This was a great family restaurant that has been open for almost a decade. It’s devastating. So many stores have been closing around the bookstore lately, and it makes me so sad. (Both coffeehouses nearby have bit the dust.)
I don’t just champion independent bookstores – I love all independent businesses.

This one was especially near and dear to me, and I’ll miss it so now that it’s gone.

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