Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate.

1. I went to the dentist this morning where I had the apocalyptic dental hygienist from Hell. Evidently, I should be on a government watch list because that’s just how suspicious my number 27 is! And you might want to set up a three foot perimeter around me so no one is standing too close when my number 3 molar blows.
After I get hearing my list of dental woes from Apocalyptic Chow (which sound as if I’m three seconds from all of my teeth jumping out of my mouth and abandoning ship,) the actual dentist comes in and pronounces me cavity free and fine.
I did not kick the hygienist in the shins on my way out, and not just because the impact might have caused my number 15 to catapult out of my mouth and embed itself into my forearm.
2. My new goal in life is to dress up as a Captain Hammer groupie. I’m hoping I can convince Ben to go as Captain Hammer at some costuming event in the future. So many good lines – so little time.
3. I would like this shirt. It speaks to my green dark side:

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