Damn you Victoria Secret sales! I saw these delicious boots for under $50 and I had to nab them:
in brown.

Nothing like new shoes to bound me out of a depression! (And also a red cashmere v-neck sweater, also on sale, which I could not resist.)

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  • Love the boots! Love!
    Have you been to Their prices and selection are incredible, plus I like their search tools. They had me at “Negative Overnight Shipping” where they pay you 5 bucks to ship you shoes overnight.

  • April

    It was the cleavage that sold you on the sweater, wasn’t it?

  • *bookmarks Endless*
    I liked these boots but I have been lusting after THESE Steve Madden Kelton ones forever:
    But they’re double the price so alas
    April: The cleavage in that picture scared me. But cashmere is cashmere and as long as *I* don’t look like that while wearing the top I’ll be happy. Otherwise, I’m suing.

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