Don’t Call It A Comeback I’ve Been Here For Years

I had the most fantastic vacation ever. Of course, because there must be an equal and opposite reaction to everything good in my life I have been most miserable since I’ve returned. Yet again, I have poison ivy on my knees. This time it’s so bad that I can’t actually straighten out my legs. I have to make up for the days I have missed so it’s still to work I go even though the pain is unbearable. I’ve been lurching around the bookstore for the past two days in a very comely bowlegged manner. So while Descent-esque cave monsters didn’t get me – I now resemble one. And, yes, it’s as attractive as it sounds.
I owe a lot of people thank you notes for some fantastic gifts (LilCis – I love you!) and kind birthday sentiments, but please bear with me for a few days until I can manage to sit down without squealing in pain. I’ve only been 30 for 2 days now and I already have bad knees. This year is going to rule – I can feel it.

9 comments to Don’t Call It A Comeback I’ve Been Here For Years

  • 🙁 I’m so sorry bout the poison ivy. How awful.
    Happy Birthday -and I hope you feel better soon.

  • You won an award at the Extravablogiversapaloozathon…
    Blogger You’d Like To See Naked. In a walk – over 70% of the vote. Not the most prestigious award, I know, but it’s a testament to your appeal.

  • Rachael

    Happy belated birthday. I recently saw a copy of The Basic Eight in the library, and I was trying to remember where I’d heard of it before. Then I remembered that I had read about it on your blog and naturally I checked it out. Now I want to spend all my evening cooking exotic dishes in pearls while listening to Darling Mud. 🙂

  • lilcis

    Thank goodness you got it! I was so stressed about where to send it, since I didn’t know when you’d be back. And then when I got the deliver confirmation I had to think “who is this M.Bowden person, and can I really trust them to pass it on to Miss Laura?”.
    Anyway, Happy 30th birthday! I celebrated my 30th recovering from food poisoning. So maybe it’s a curse we’re all sharing.

  • April

    I’m quite pleased that you quoted ol’ LL Cool J. Whatever happened to him?
    Happy birthday!

  • Ann Marie

    What? My fantastic gift doesn’t warrant a shout out? 🙂 Please tell me it got to you ok I didn’t wrap it I had one of the girls at work send it out and please, please, please tell me she took of the prices I told her about 10 times to please take them off.

  • Poison ivy on the knees? I’m sure there is a joke there somewhere.

  • Poison ivy on the knees? I’m sure there is a joke there somewhere.

  • What is it that you do on your vacation that makes you get poison ivy on your knees? Stop doing that thing!
    I missed you on our birfday! *Sniff*