“McLovin sounds like a sexy hamburger.”

A while ago the adorable Black Apple posted about wearing clothes originally intended for pajamas (in this case nightgowns) as everyday wear. I thought – oh I do that all the time.
Then, I realized there was a big difference. She wears nightgowns that look like cute little dresses, and I wear pajama tops under real shirts. Or in this case a yoga hoodie. I have no idea what a yoga hoodie is and why one would need one, but if Target carries it for under $10 I’m in.
(Note: I love how Flannery and I are both making faces at each other. We’re like an old grumpy married couple.)

3 comments to “McLovin sounds like a sexy hamburger.”

  • kristen librarian

    I love the black apple – esp. her little hedgehog pics.
    Isn’t Target the best for cute inexpensive clothes? I just got a sweater there for $5. What a deal!
    And I love your purse. It’s academically adorable.

  • RC Cola!

    I heart the black apple as well -I wish I had so many cool clothes, even if they are really pajamas.
    I so when to Target this past weekend, and I bought the same shirt in three different colors because well, I just had to.
    I love Tobi’s little bum in the back.

  • KL – I’m a sucker for the hedgehogs too!
    RC – I also have three of those shirts in different colors. They’re inexpensive, really light for this unbearable heat, and comfortable as all get out. I love using them as a base layer, especially when I want a pop of color. Plus, they fit so well. A perfect shirt even if it was originally intended for sleepwear (one of the shirts I use specifically and only as a pajama top.)